Heading Programmes

Service Programmes :

Agriculture :

Sapling Service


Technical Support

Seed & Fertilizer Service

Marketing of Agro produce

Sub Soil Irrigation

Horticulture :

Sapling Service


Technical Support

Marketing of Horticultural produce

Promotion of Intercropping technique

Fruit Processing

Sericulture :

Support to rural youth in Silk reeling

Wormiculture :



Women's Activities :

Establishment of women's Industrial co-operative

Establishment of women's Poultry farming co-operative

Establishment of women's Credit co-operative


Exmployment generation through Electronic assebly work

Income generating through stitching and hand weaving

Animal Husbandry :

Support to rural youth in dairy farming

Processing of Milk

Distribution of Mulch Animal

Goat farming training

Goat Bank

Demonstration of Goat farming

Extension of Goat Farming

Free Vetererian Services

Poultry farming

Youth training in Poultry farming

Marketing of Poultry Produce

Trainings :

Training in Electrical & Electronic appliances maint.

Repairs & Maint. Of water lifting machines.

Computer training

Tailoring & Embroidery Training

Beauty Parlor Training

Agriculture School for young farmers.

Training to youth in lifeskills.

Support Programmes :

Education :

Distribution of Text books and Note books

Distribution of School Uniforms

Extra Coaching Classes


Value Education

Teacher's capacity building

Popularization of Science

"Vigyan Gat"

Participatory Educational Tool (PET)

Digital School

Formal Education

Curiocity Center

Bicycle Bank

Central Science Lab and Computer Center

ICT in education

Support to Schools for achiving quality in education.

Balwadis at Remote areas

Exposure Tour for teachers

Supporting schools for conducting exposure tours for children

Inculcating Gender Equality through Mixed Sports

WHY Group Meetings & Monthly Bulletin

Gender Equality Section in Curiocity Center

Philosophy For Children

Balpanchayat (Change makers)

Reading To The Smallest

Introducing Basic Technology in secondary schooling

Promoting girls for 10+ education at Urban area

Capacity Building of Adolescent girls


Medical Camps

Providing Nutritious food

Training of mothers in preparing nutritious food using available ingredients.

Support to Referral Cases

Support to Handicapped persons.

Kitchen Garden

HIV/ AIDs Awareness, treatment & rehabilitation

Women centered program for preventive action.


Declining child sex ratio & female feticide

Small Enterprise Development :

EDP training

Technical Support

Financial Support

Process Support

Housing :

Construction of low cost houses

Repairs of old houses

Land and Water

Land Leveling

Well digging

Well deepening


Efficient use of available water

Individual Irrigation support

Establishment of group irrigation schemes

Lobbing and Advocacy

Migrating Labors :

Settlement of Migrating Sugar Cane Cutting Laborers

Hostels for the children of Migrating laborers

Children of Devdasis & AIDs Victims :

Rehabilitation of Children "Bal Sadan"

NGO Networking

Sangli NGO forum

RIOD Network- Focal Point of Maharashtra Chapter

All India Federation of Women in Agriculture (AIFWA)- Maha. Chapter

Energy :

Solar lamps for poor people

Demonstration of Windmills

Demonstration of Biogas

Other :

Distibution of Clothes to needy People

Grain Bank

Community Radio Station 'Yerala Vani 91.2 FM'.

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