Food Grain support to Destitute women :

food grain support The drought situation is very severe in the year 2012. Thus the people in the area are struggling a lot to fulfill their daily needs of drinking water. As there is no work for the people to get money area observed maximum migration as sugarcane cutting labour. The female headed families are the most suffering element of the society. Thus YPS has supported 200 such families by providing food grain every month for six months. This is just to make them survive during such a sever condition.

Poor people’s huts enlightened by Solar Home light :

solar home light The poor & needy people staying in the huts / kachha houses are supported by Solar home lights. These people are staying far away from reach of the Govt. electrical scheme. These families live in the fear of fire accidents due to use of traditional oil lamp, the fumes of these lamps are health hazardous. The fear of snakes and scorpions is always there due to the darkness at night. The support of these solar home lights has proved very well for these families as the light at night made their lives fearless and the surrounding of huts too have enlightened. The parents can keep children at home freely. The project carried out in association with Rotary Den Healder, The Netherlands & Sangli Rotary. The quality solar home lights have been provided by Indutch E& E Sangli. The unit has three lights, solar panel, battery & mobile charger.