Completed Projects

Kamalapur Projects :

Ongoing activities :

  • Rehabilitation of children of sex workers.
  • Support to local entrepreneurs.
  • Support to farmers in adopting latest agriculture technologies.

Completed Programs :

  • Watershed Development
  • Housing
  • Special economic Package
  • Agriculture projects
    • Seedling service
    • Demonstration
    • Nursery
    • Marketing of Agro produce
  • Milk
  • Sericulture
  • Poultry
  • Feed mill
  • Power looms
  • Departmental Stores
  • Industrial co-operative activities
  • Agriculture Service Center
  • Family Development Program
  • Goat Project
  • Credit co-op
  • Vocational Training Center
  • Training for Rural Women
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme
  • NGO Networking
  • Relief and Welfare work
The area comprises 32 villages which fall within twentyfive kms. distance from our rural HQ at village Kamalapur.    More Information

Sangli Projects :

Total Population Covered :

  • 96000 +

Target Groups :

  • 32 slums from corporation area, People living with HIV/AIDS, destitute women

Major Activities :

  • Comprehensive HIV/AIDS program
  • Implementation of RCH program
  • District Integrated Strategic HIV/AIDS action (DISHA)
  • Implementation of SPARSH program for rural youth
  • Marketing outlet for Rural Produce
  • Creating employment opportunities for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Training of rural youth in electronics and electricals
  • NGO networking
  • Implementation of UNCCD objectives on desertification and climate change
More Information

Jalihal Projects :

Preventive Health Care Program :

Preventive health care program In the project area health of the people is in a precarious condition � there is at least one seriously ailing person in one of five families in the area. The families do not have any knowledge in preventive health care or reproductive health, widely the behavior is oriented at tradition or even superstition. Because of many reasons like poverty, unawareness, negligence, non availability of health services, people from Jalihal area do not pay more attention to their health. The project is to focus on preventive measures than curative. To implement the project we had successful in forming the structure of the women in the project area. There are 2 Health social workers looking after, 22 village level health workers named as 22 ArogyaSevikas these then follows by Arogyapravartikas. In every village behind 20 families one Arogyapravartika serves, we have 304 Arogyapravartikas working in the villages. The project thus focuses on the sanitation and personal hygiene, nutritious diet at regular basis. The regular training of health social workers, village level health workers & Arogyapravartika have conducted on monthly,Ambulance quarterly & yearly for their capacity building. They are taught on the problems commonly faced by these women like Gynaecological disorders, piles, weakness due to lack of nutrition, change in their bad health related habits by healthy ones. Making them aware on the importance of personal cleanliness as well as keeping surrounding clean. Also the training is provided on the awareness of Water bound diseases, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Pneumonia, HIV/AIDs. The midwife�s training is also done to handle deliveries more efficiently and carefully. And to guide the pregnant women for nutritious food intake, good care of her health, vaccination during the pregnancy. Linkages of health experts at block level & district level also with private practitioners been made efficiently, to provide health services on regular basis. We also support to build toilet to the families. With in three years of the project period we have supported about 284 families. The project has got new dimensions to support Arogyapravartika towards sustainability we have started training them as a Barefoot Medical Service Providers (BMSP). These trained BMSP will be then able assist the local doctors, private practitioners etc.
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