Current Projects

Grain Bank :

Goat Project The grain bank is serving as a good support for marginal & needy families in the area. The bank helps farmers to ensure family food and reduce dependency on local money lenders. The farmers supported through assured quality grains through this bank to face drought situation more strongly.

Digital School and ju.collage:

Agri School In this we have started a digital school in Jalihal campus as there is no secondary school available to the children and the available school is far away from the village. The children needs to walk for 15 km. to get the schooling thus after 10 std. the children are kept away from the education. The school called School Of Progressive Education (SCOPE). The school is for 8th to 10th std. the school is digital school with the computer system in every classroom. The system has loaded with the syllabus of 8 to 10 std. with audio-visual effect including question & answer and game based on the syllabus taught to them. The teacher plays the role of facilitator for the students. Since 5 years 350 students have facilitated for quality education through the digital school. Similarly we have made the science labouratory in the Campus. The centrally placed well equipped science labouratory with all three sections of science namely physics, chemistry & biology facilitate to 15000 students so far. The schools in the project area visit to these lab and facilitate the children to use it. We have developed the library for the children to make them familiar with the reading world.

Community Radio Station :

community-radio-station The community radio has successfully made a healthy relation with the community. Radio is serving by fulfilling the need of listners in the area. Every year the radio try to focus on a theame.This year had been ‘technology’ year , so a series of programs focusing various technologies involved in the life had been covered in details. We have received very good resonce from listeners and also positive about adopting new technologies aired through radio.

Backyard Poultry :

backyard-poultry The successful launching of backyard poultry farming for two years lead to the new project for destitute women through backyard poultry farming as income generating activity. The project is covering 150 women in coming year. The women will also be supported by insect garden to feed chicks. The women will be supported by providing vaccinated birds after brooding of a month to cover the risk factor. The unit of 40 + 5 has been provided to these women for brooding. During the period we have enrolled 36 participants.

Reading to the Smallest :

reading-smallest The program had been to involve parents in the educational development of children. We are working within 15 villages to cover 112 more parents of children this year. Whereas the follow up of 327 children had been carried out through Home visits.

Hostels for children of migrating families :

The severe drought situation resulted in increase in migrating families and thus the increase in number of children to be supported through this activity. The foster parenting also reported more number of girls to be supported. Last three year we have supported 9 hostels to cover 470 boys and 181 girls.

Balwadis :

balwadi last three year we are supported to 6 Balwadis in remote places to bring in 300 children in the main stream of education. The Balwadis are also provided with the educational material like charts, sports material and pictures.

Support to girls for 10 + education:

support-girls This year we have supported 3 more girls to get admission for nursing college at Pune. To support the girls for stay in Sangli we have started building hostel for 25 girls to stay for further education at Sangli. We have supported a girl got admission for BE at Pune for the fees too.

Bicycle Bank

bicycle The bicycles are provided to 50 more girls this year who are poor and likely to dropout from schools. This is to add more 50 in the bank to make it 500 bicycles in all.

Science lab:

science-lab The science lab has supported to the schools in the area and children from SCOPE too. The children are enjoying all three faculties in science namely physics, chemistry and biology.

Curiosity Center:

curiosity-center The curiosity center has reached to 10205 visitors including children, teachers, parents and families. The center has included new exhibit. The centre helping children to develop scientific view, approach. The centre has been facilitating not only to the children from project area but also other schools are promoted to bring their children for experiencing exhibits from the centre.

Center for Introduction of Basic Technologies :

center-introduction This year the center has got the permission to conduct the examination for the children appearing for SSC. So the center is planning to cover two std. 8th & 9th from next academic year. The sense of gender equality is the concept behind starting the center.

Sunday Activities :

sunday-activities The children from Jalihal project area don’t have facilitation on soft skill development within schools due to limitations of teachers. Thus Sunday activities are in support to work with children directly in shaping their inbuilt talents. Monthly two Sunday activities are conducted through announcements from Yeralavani to cover average 80 children.

Eco- village Development Plan (EDP) :

eco-village YPS working with Govt. to prepare Eco-village development plan for next 20 years in Sangli district. This year first phase of 10 villages had been completed and the plans are submitted to Gram Panchayat of concerned villages and Zila Parishad , Sangli.

Demonstration of Housing for destitute women :

housing-image YPS carried out demonstration of 10 houses for destitute women in the area. They have been supported by 2 acres of land by their in-laws or parents on their names. This is promising step towards making destitute women self reliant and confident in taking lead to shape their lives.

Rain water harvesting to recharge bore wells :

rain-water YPS demonstrated scientific way of roof top rain water harvesting to recharge bore well for drinking water. The systematic recharge of bore well had been carried out within 3 villages in the project area. Special programs are aired through Radio to promote rain water harvesting at individual level too.