How it all started

Actually the seed of the organisation was sown in 1972, the year when western Maharashtra region was facing sever drought. A team of volunteers from Sangli joined the villagers to take up drought relief work. With the help of a donor agency, this group made sincere efforts to help the affected families. The relief work continued for 3 years. As the conditions improved , the relief operation was phased out. In this process the implementing group gained confidence that they together can take up constructive work to improve the condition of the poor and needy villagers. After assessing own potential , the group decided to begin developmental work. The organisation was formally registered in 1976.

Board of Trustees

Namdev Patil
Mr. Namdev B. Patil
N.V.Deshpande (Secretary)
Mr. N. V. Deshpande
Mr. Shripal Y. Saptsagr
Mr.Shripal Y.Saptsagar
Mr. Sanjay D. Gaikwad
Mr. Sanjay D. Gaikwad
Mr. Suresh M. Gawali
Mr. Suresh M. Gawali
Mr. Jalinder D. Gotpagar
Mr.Jalinder D.Gotpagar
Mrs. Malan D. Kamble
Mrs. Malan D. Kamble
The trustees of YPS board are responsive to the village committees. Members of these committees are mostly from the disadvantaged families of the area. These members, both men and women, participate at various levels of decision making and are actively involved in the implementation of the programs. Women members play a special role in respect of issues concerning them.

Founder Members

Mr. V. N. Deshpande
Bhimrao Patil
Mr. Bhimrao Patil