How We Work

Basic principle

The organisation supports self sustained development, rather than acting as a donor or saviour. It supports the deprived by providing them livelihood through self sustained development programs.

Working procedure

  • Every Program is planned after receiving urge from the target population.
  • All the program activities are thoroughly discussed with target population.
  • Capacity building of the target population, as well as, the implementing staff is undertaken.
  • Implementation through peoples structures.
  • Involvment of local communities in implementation and problem solving.
  • Regular monitoring by qualified and experienced staff as well as experts.
  • Training are conducted whenever need arises.
  • Documentation of every action and experience are maintained.
  • Analysis of the outcome of every project is done regularly.

The results

Yerala Project Society :
  • has been instrumental in bringing hundreds of poor families above poverty line.
  • is striving to provide best quality education to students studying in remote and backward areas.
  • is equipping people living in under-privileged area, to face the effects of globalisation.
  • has builtstrong people's structures to ensure sustainable development of target communities.
  • has developed vibrant, sensitive, still professional team to meet every requirement of target population.
  • has developed required infrastructure at various locations to ensure accesibility to the target population.