Pashan-Palavi Project

Pashan-Palavi Project: come forward to join hands together!!!

Pashan-Palavi Project The State Maharshtra going through drought situation this year too. Sangli district is one amongst them. The people from Jath block are suffering throughout the day to ensure drinking water for the family. The area badly affected by the drought situation. The hunger demands to struggle a lot in search of work. No agricultural work going on, no labour work or any other kind of work available for the families to ensure a daily meal. The dependency on local money lenders to meet daily requirement increases keeping these families under privileged. In such a drastic condition the factors most affecting are destitute, supportless & fully dependent women in the villages. These women are the most suffer in the situation. To support these women socially responsible organizations from Sangli came forward in support, that’s Pashan-Palavi Project! The project envisions food grain support to 500 destitute women from Jalihal project area at least for 6 months i.e. till monsoon becomes active. This help will be life support for these women.

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