People Involved

Administrative people

Started with just five peoples, Now the Yerala Projects Society is an Organisation with 4 tier professional management and more than 70 employees working for development of the rural sector.
Our team consists of - HIV Program HIV Program
  • Agriculture graduates
  • Horticulture graduates
  • Veterinary graduates
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Live stock supervisors
  • Poultry farming technicians
  • Volunteers trained in Mother-Child programmes
  • Volunteers trained in Credit union activities
  • Marketing personal
  • Account professionals
  • sericulture technicians
  • Teaching and computer staff for schools

Our Partners

HIV Program HIV Program
  • Yojana Projecthulp, The Netherlands
  • Stitching Jalihal ,The Netherlands
  • Government of India, New Delhi
  • Government of Maharashtra, Mumbai
  • Centre For Environment Education (CEE), New Delhi
  • DESWOS, Germany
  • Lockhorn Development Fund (LDF), The Netherlands
  • MSACS,Mumbai
  • German Agro Action (GAA), Germany
  • Christian Children Fund (CCF), USA
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS), USA
  • Canadian Co-Operative Association (CCA), Canada
  • German Consulate,Mumbai
  • Avert,Mumbai
  • Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology, New Delhi